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Fundraising event help needed

We are looking for people to help at two of our fundraising car boot sales events each per year. Nothing more.

The Car Boot Sales are held on the third Sunday of every month and all the staff at the events are volunteers. This means every penny generated goes back to the Centre, aside from advertising costs such as printing flyers. We are currently raising funds to make improvements to the Centre, reinstate the kitchen facilities and run events to meet the needs of the local community.

At each car boot sale, we have received fantastic positive feedback from the local community and it’s clear people want it to keep going. But we can only continue to run them long term if we find a few lovely people willing to provide some practical support. We know Sunday mornings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so we are only asking for two days a year of your time from each volunteer.

Please drop us a line using the form below if you can help. We would love to hear from you.

Do you love Southbourne as much as we do? Come and join in.

Helpers needed

Hi there,

I’m Emma, I’m a local business owner and parent, and I’m on the Committee at the Beaufort Community Centre. I got involved late last year when Lynn, the interim Centre Manager, said they needed a parents’ representative. Since then I’ve fallen in love with the place and now I’m here to see if anyone else is up for the challenge of helping us achieve our goals.

We have big, big dreams for the Centre that will make it a real hub for the community if we can achieve them. We want to get the kitchen up and running providing meals for the isolated and vulnerable, we want to host community events like BBQs, Halloween parties, barn dances and shows, reach out to the local youth population with graffiti competitions, a youth club and sports, and create a welcoming space that belongs to everyone.

smiling chair me
Emma Page: Beaufort Centre Committee member, business owner, local resident and parent

To get started, the Centre needs a lot of TLC, which is why we started the new Car Boot Sales. We need to do a lot of fundraising to make essential repairs, so we want to host other fundraising events, such as a Halloween party or summer BBQ. But we need people to do that. We need everything from event planners, gardeners and decorators, to plumbers, electricians and carpenters as well as people to show sellers where to park at the Car Boot Sales or put flyers through letter boxes. At the moment, honestly, it’s me, my mum, Margaret (another Committee member) and the staff members giving up their weekends to make it happen.

If you love Southbourne as much as I do, I’m hoping you’re up for the challenge and the opportunity to give something back to the community by helping the Beaufort Community Centre become even better.

Finally, I appreciate how valuable your time is, I really do, which is why the Centre won’t waste it. Drop us a line using the contact form below and let us know what time and/or skills you can offer us, then our volunteer coordinator will do their best to make sure your help is used wisely. You could make all the difference to a lot of people.

Thank you in advance,

Emma x

A fantastic team of volunteers from Santander at the Beaufort Community Centre.
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Santander in the community

Thank you so much to Ian and the team who came and repainted three of our bookable rooms at the Beaufort Community Centre. The rooms had started to look very tired indeed so their efforts have made a huge difference to people using the spaces.

Volunteers from Santander updating the dated and worn decor in room 8 at the Beaufort Community Centre.
Volunteers from Santander updating the dated and worn decor in room 8 at the Beaufort Community Centre.

They brought everything they needed with them and I hope you’ll agree that the results look fantastic!Santander 1

If you’d like to book one of newly painted rooms, drop us a line or give us a call.

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A few hours of your time

Join us on Sunday 21st May for the first of our new car boot sales. We hope there will be up to 50 pitches as well as craft and food stalls, and the community cafe selling refreshments inside.

Pitches are £6 cars and £10 vans. Advance bookings paid for by 19th May will receive £1 discount.

If you would like to have a commercial stall at the event, please use the contact form below to enquire about the fee. We are looking for cakes, crafts and local producers in particular.

The official confirmed times are 8am (sellers) 9am (public) to 12pm. If you would like to book a pitch or enquire about having your stall at the event, please use the contact form below.

There is plenty of parking on site and in nearby streets.

Help us make it a success and we hope it will become a regular feature.